Gallery: Orwell Park students star in Midsummer Nights Dream

The cast celebrate - Midsumer Nights Dream Orwell Park School

The cast celebrate - Midsumer Nights Dream Orwell Park School - Credit: Archant

Pupils made Shakespeare history by performing in a school’s first-ever outdoor play – leading parents and staff in a merry dance around the classrooms and courtyards.

A cast of 45 pupils wrote – and acted – their names in to the history books at Orwell Park School in Ipswich when they starred in an innovative production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, using the Bard’s original language.

Students took on the magical roles of fairies, pixies and fauns – and were aided by a travelling troupe of musicians when entertaining staff members and proud families around the school’s premises.

With the school doubling as Athens and overlooking the Orwell estuary, Helena and Hermia met with Theseus and Hippolyta to devise a plot to steal away to the woods with their lovers.

In the school gardens – the woods near Athens – the fairies Titania and Oberon bickered and quarrelled while the brash mechanicals rehearsed for their play.

It all ended with a song and dance in the school Orangery, and as ever Puck thanked the audience and begged forgiveness.

All the costumes worn across the outdoor sets were home-made designs pieced together by pupils and staff members.

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Collections were made in aid of the school’s charity.

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