Gallery: Parade through Leiston remembers battle death toll

Current and former servicemen paraded through Leiston to mark the centenary of the Battle of Neuve Chapelle and honour 25 people from the town who were killed in the fighting.

Mustering at the Cadet Centre in Victory Road, the Royal British Legion Band, followed by members of the British Royal Legion, veterans and current service men, cadet forces representing the RAF and Army, followed by the Scouts and Cubs, as the parade set off through the town.

People followed to St Margaret’s church where a multi-denominational service was led by Rev Martin Phillips-Last.

The men who died in the First World War battle in March 1915 were members of H Company of the 4th Suffolks.

Leiston has been keen to further its links with Neuve Chapelle and has approached the French town with a view to striking up a twinning link.