Gallery: Park ranger captures stunning shots of new wildlife

OUR beautiful green spaces have been going wild in recent months as part of a project to boost biodiversity in Ipswich’s parks.

And one eagle-eyed park ranger has been snapping away to capture the incredible results.

Ranger Matt Berry took these stunning photos of creatures that have benefited from the increase in wild areas.

The new sections of tall grass meadow have been introduced as part of an Ipswich Borough Council project to help reverse a trend which has seen the loss of 97 per cent of meadows in England since the 1930s.

Matt said: “The management of cutting these areas has been dramatically changed to allow the grasses and other wildflowers to grow.

“As a result, an area of 30 hectares – equivalent in size to Christchurch Park – has been transformed from a somewhat green desert of mown grass into a mosaic of marvellous meadow, complete with mown paths for the public to be able to wander through them.”

Volunteers have been monitoring the success of the project and results show that wildflower species from Oxeye Daisy to Bee Orchids are already appearing.

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“It is amazing how quickly nature can express her beauty if given the chance,” Matt said.

Suffering bee populations have received a boost from the increase in nectar rich plants and new tall grasses are providing a lifeline to butterflies.

In time insect populations will build up, providing food for reptiles, birds and bats.

Matt said: “Nature works and it’s a beautiful thing to watch and enjoy when you understand what’s going on.”

It’s not just the wildlife that’s benefiting from the boost – residents in the area can also get a lot out of the new areas.

Matt said: “We can’t all access the wider countryside, but everyone can go to their local park and enjoy these places for some fresh air, wildlife and a healthy walk.”

There will soon be permanent signs installed in most of the meadows to provide visitors with information about what they can see.

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