Gallery: Photographer Andy Abbott salutes our hospital heroes who will be working over Christmas and New Year

Andy Abbott Column December 15th 2014
Celebrating 40 years at the Hardwick Lane site in Bury St E

Andy Abbott Column December 15th 2014 Celebrating 40 years at the Hardwick Lane site in Bury St Edmunds for the West Suffolk Hospital. Pictures taken over the decades showing staff in different activities, a great community spirit. - Credit: Archant

How quickly this year has flown by, writes Andy Abbott. It seems like yesterday I was putting the festive decorations back in the loft and here we are, just a week and a bit and Christmas will all be over once again.

I remember for decades visiting the West Suffolk Hospital on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day to photograph the new babies, a special occasion and always a wonderful time for new parents and staff.

This week my column is dedicated to all those fabulous health professionals who have to work over the festive period, providing care and emergency provision for those in need.

I have always been fascinated by the different aspects and practices that make a hospital function. My father was chief pathology laboratory technician at the West Suffolk for 25 years and I remember as a boy waiting after school in his office surrounded by pickled samples!

As a photographer, for as long as I can remember I have covered hundreds of different photographic briefs documenting many aspects of the medical profession.

It has been interesting delving back in my records to help the West Suffolk Hospital celebrate 40 years at the Hardwick Lane site. I have found some great images that illustrate the spirit and community togetherness of the staff, always there to help and provide care when needed.

The hospital is an excellent institution and not many may realise it is one of the biggest employers in the town.

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I must admit I struggle to remember what was happening on most of the pictures but I am sure staff past and present may recall the occasions.

So while we are devouring our Christmas turkey and opening presents remember that at hospitals throughout the county, as has always been, there are many that will have to put Christmas on hold as they dedicate their time for patients and those that are also not able to be with their families.

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