Gallery: Photographer has passion for wonders of the natural world

Buzzard Wales May 2013

Buzzard Wales May 2013 - Credit: Margaret Holland

These stunning pictures capture an Ipswich woman’s love for wildlife.

They were taken by reader Margaret Holland during a recent trip to Wales and she said: “It just shows what is in our countryside if we take the time to stand and stare.”

She added: “The kites are evidence of a very successful reintroduction many years ago, so much so that they now fly in many counties in the UK with Suffolk being no exception.

“Just to see them is exciting as they call out to each other as they circle round riding the thermals and have great eyesight spotting the smallest morsel from a great height.

“The redstarts are migrants from Africa and what handsome birds these are when you stop to really have a look.”

Mrs Holland, whose passion for wildlife is shared by husband Brian, said she hoped her photographs would encourage others to enjoy the delights of the countryside.

“While we are no experts, our enthusiasm for wildlife and the natural world is undimmed.

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“We are all for trying to introduce people of all ages to the wonders of the natural world in the hope that they too may derive the same pleasure that we gain from just being out and about in what is left of this green and pleasant land.”