Gallery: Pupils from Finborough School, near Stowmarket, learn about different cultures at International Festival

From Japanese Taiko drumming to South African Gumboot Dancing  pupils at Finborough School took par

From Japanese Taiko drumming to South African Gumboot Dancing pupils at Finborough School took part in a range of workshops at the school first ever International Festival. Left to right, Fee Moody and Alice Crabb. - Credit: Gregg Brown

For one day only a private school went all international – with pupils learning about different cultures, from Bollywood dancing to Japanese drumming.

There was a wealth of vibrant colours and varied sounds at Finborough School, near Stowmarket, at its first ever International Festival.

Staff and parents organised more than 20 workshops for pupils from nursery to Year 10 taking the youngsters across continents to celebrate cultures from around the world.

The list of activities included playing kabaddi, the national game of Bangladesh and making biltong – a South African cured meat.

A school spokeswoman commented on how older students also got involved in the day. She said: “Year 11, 12 and 13 students were set their own unique The Apprentice-style mission – an International Suffolk Challenge.

“Divided into teams, with each team allocated a minibus driven by a member of staff, they were given a list of challenges to complete within Suffolk, including: filming a chef preparing an international dish in a restaurant; getting on air to speak in a foreign language; collecting various items from different countries; and taking a picture of their driver in the North Sea.”

At the end of the day, all pupils and staff gathered together to share their experiences, give demonstrations and sample treats from around the world, while the older students showed video clips of their International Day around the county.

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Taiko Japanese drumming, pizza making and learning about Gaelic folk music and dance were some of the other activities that took place at the school.