Gallery: Sea eagle could help net tourists

AN amateur photographer with a passion for wildlife has reawakened a debate about introducing sea eagles to the East Anglian coast.

Margaret Holland and husband Brian travelled to Isle of Mull, armed with their trusty camera, to capture the famous sea eagle in action.

Mr Holland, of Ipswich, said: “They are a great tourist attraction, Mull depends a lot on wildlife tourists.

“You couldn’t even book onto the boat, it was fully booked in advance.”

The pair, who regular submit photos to share with our readers, were fortunate to have secured a place on one of the many sight-seeing trips, meaning they got to see the sea eagles up close.

“We went out with a skipper who knew his wildlife and he pointed out the eagle, they are magnificent – they are like a flying barn door with a wing span of around 8ft,” said Mr Holland.

“The eagle circles the boat then he throws him a fish and it swoops down to the water, in that split second Margaret managed to get these photos.”

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In recent years plans have been mooted to introduce the sea eagle to East Anglia, a suggestion that upset farmers who feared they would devour livestock – claims Mr Holland and his wife dismiss.

“We saw one bird bring a lamb in but it is impossible to know if he killed it or picked it up after it was dead. What does concern me is that they like cliffs so the habitat may not be right for them here,” said Mr Holland.

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