Gallery: Spring has sprung early at Easton Farm Park bringing a flurry of furry new arrivals

Easton Farm Park has got some new arrivals.
Bunnies, lambs and baby goats have arrived in time for s

Easton Farm Park has got some new arrivals. Bunnies, lambs and baby goats have arrived in time for spring. L-R Florence and Lola Siddall, Jordan Bailey. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

Spring has sprung early at an east Suffolk farm park bringing a flurry of furry new arrivals in time for the half term holidays.

Easton Farm Park’s merry menagerie has expanded rapidly over the past three weeks, with about 15 new lambs, seven piglets, ten goats and more than a dozen baby rabbits joining the pack.

Park manager Fiona Siddall said the babies had been coming “thick and fast” with far more new arrivals than is usual at this time of year.

“It’s been much more prolific, much earlier on,” she said.

“Normally at half term we might see one or two goats with some kids and a couple of lambs, but this year spring seems to have sprung early and there’s much more going on.”

The park has been closed over the winter while staff carry out maintenance work in preparation for Saturday’s reopening and caring for the new arrivals, who have been keeping warm in the stables.

Ms Siddall said the team has been busy painting, mending and checking the tractors are working.

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“We are opening at the start of the half term, there are lots of baby animals to meet and lots of outdoor fund to be had,” she added.

“It’s an early opportunity to get up and close with the animals.”

The weather for half term, which is next week for most Suffolk schools, is forecasted to be mostly changeable.

Weatherquest forecaster Dan Holley said a low pressure front was set to arrive from the Atlantic driving out the more settled weather experienced over the past few days.

“The low pressure will move in from Friday and is likely to eventually bring some rain and then after that it’s a changeable story and much more mobile than of late,” he added.

The Azores High - a subtropical semi-permanent centre of high pressure found near the Azores in the Atlantic, is likely to bring more settled weather in the middle of the week, with Tuesday and Wednesday looking likely to be the best days of the half term holiday.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach highs of 10C-11C although overnight lows could see some frost, Mr Holley added.