Gallery: Stars of Suffolk nominee Isabel Plummer, Helmingham, is a ‘true inspiration’

Isabel Plummer has been nominated for a Star of Suffolk Award. Isabel is pictured at home in Helming

Isabel Plummer has been nominated for a Star of Suffolk Award. Isabel is pictured at home in Helmingham with mum, Nicola Plummer (left) and Jennifer Last who nominated her. - Credit: Archant

The mother of a young girl nominated for a Stars of Suffolk award has described how her daughter continues to amaze her.

Isabel Plummer suffers from – among other problems – curvature of the spine and low muscle tone, which means she can tire easily and spends a lot of her time in a wheelchair.

But despite this Isabel is able to be as in independent as any 12-year-old thanks to her determination and help from her school.

Isabel, who lives with her family in Helmingham, was nominated for an award by her grandmother Jennifer Last.

In the nomination she described Isabel as an “inspiration beyond her 12 years”.

The Debenham High School student has missed quite a bit of school because of her condition and her mother Nicola said it has been very difficult for the whole family.

Mrs Plummer said: “Isabel spent a lot of time away from school and had lots of hospital appointments last year. This year particularly has been very difficult for us but she just amazes me.

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“We’re only really now starting to understand her condition. It seems to be quite a rare thing so they don’t have a name for it. She has lots of little problems that when added together make a big problem and she has to rest during the day.

“She does have down days but when she’s feeling well she just gets out there and does it.”

One of the things that has helped Isabel recently is an electric wheelchair kept at her school. At home she uses a walking frame.

Mrs Plummer added: “The wheelchair has been her saving grace. It’s been what she needs because she’s able to keep up with everyone else. This can be credited to the high school for getting it for her.”

Headteacher at Debenham High School Julia Upton spoke about how the school had helped Isabel get the most out of her time there.

Miss Upton said: “She has a pupil mentor and her timetable is designed to try to be all on the ground floor.

“Every classroom she has a lesson in has special chairs with more support and back and foot rests and all staff went to an information session with her physiotherapist to help them understand her condition.”

The school even had a small lift installed to help Isabel reach the school dining room but Miss Upton said the support of her friends was also of great benefit to her.

She said: “They visit her at home when she isn’t well and they made her a video when she was away from school.

“It makes her feel part of the school when she’s not there and it’s important she still feels connected to the school.

“Isabel doesn’t want her disability to stand in her way, and neither do we.”

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