Gallery: Village’s Race of the Boggmen draws the crowds

AN HISTORIC stand-off was celebrated as villagers ended the Easter weekend with a host of madcap activities and entertainment.

The Race of the Boggmen, which dates back to 1897, was held at Great Finborough, near Stowmarket, yesterday.

The traditional event recreates the contest between two groups of farmworkers more than 100 years ago – and raises money for local groups and charities. Finborough won this year’s race, beating the team from Haughley.

Other competitions included egg throwing, egg and spoon races, egg decorating and Easter bonnets. Local groups held fundraising stalls and several hundred people attended.

The Boggmen race’s origins go back to a dispute over a contract for sowing work on farmland in 1897.

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Two teams turned up at nearby Boyton Hall to do the same job and, to solve the problem, a contract of employment was thrown into the air.

The first team to carry the contract over the threshold of the village pub in Great Finborough won the job.

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The event was carried on as a tradition until the First World War and was revived in 1976. This year’s event saw some “aggressive” racing with an extra quick time, with nominated “Boggman” David Cox junior of the Finborough team, carrying the contract over the threshold. There were also some record-breaking results in the egg throwing.

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