Gorleston: Lifeguards save girl, 12, from drowning near Suffolk/Norfolk border

LIFEGUARDS on a beach near the Suffolk/Norfolk border saved the life of a 12-year-old girl, it has emerged.

The drama unfolded on Gorleston beach around 8.30am on Wednesday, August 29, when two children were spotted in the sea, near the breakwater.

RNLI lifeguards stopped some routine fitness work they were doing on the beach to warn the youngsters about the dangerous current. The children followed their advice and left the water but 20 minutes later lifeguards saw one girl had gone back in.

A RNLI spokeswoman said: “The girl was now caught in the current by the breakwater, being dragged out rapidly to deeper water.

“Panicking and in clear difficulties, she was waving her arms in the air as her head began to sink beneath the water.

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“Senior lifeguard Nick Ayres ran to the scene and quickly swam out to her - once he had reached the girl he brought her head above water and began to swim her to shore.

“He was joined by another lifeguard on a rescue board, and together they brought the girl to safety.

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“Once back on the beach they performed routine first aid checks and returned the children to their parents in the nearby hotel.”

Lifeguard Supervisor Daniel Tyler, who was also at the training session, said: “It is very fortunate that the lifeguards happened to be on the beach early that morning, and were able to prevent a tragic outcome.

“We would also remind beach-goers that children should be supervised by an adult when playing in and around the sea.

“If you do get into trouble in the water, raise your hand and shout for help, and a lifeguard will come to help you.”

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