Grandparents to go into schools in St Edmundsbury from this month as part of Love to Read Campaign

An event at Bury St Edmunds Library introduced participants to a new reading scheme at schools.

An event at Bury St Edmunds Library introduced participants to a new reading scheme at schools. - Credit: Archant

Parents and grandparents will soon be going into schools to support children’s reading through a new scheme which has launched in St Edmundsbury.

About 15 people have signed up to the Love to Read Campaign, spearheaded by Robert Everitt, Mayor of St Edmundsbury, headteachers from the Bury Schools Partnership and supported by the EADT and Mercury series.

As well as supporting children’s reading and comprehension, it is hoped the initiative will help families forge closer relationships with schools in their community.

Last month, those who have signed up to the scheme met with the headteachers of their chosen schools at Bury St Edmunds Library and also had the chance to read with students at the event.

The Love to Read Campaign will see parents and grandparents go into schools to read with pupils from the new term onwards.

While most of those who are on board are grandparents, others with free time are also encouraged to get involved.

Mr Everitt said: “I’m very happy grandparents from around the town and villages have decided to come and volunteer their time and if anybody else wants to join the merry throng we would love to hear from them.

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“They will be allocated schools of their choice and we will put them in touch with the headteacher.”

The scheme mirrors a similar initiative in Forest Heath that sees volunteers spend 500 hours reading with children each month.

Mr Everitt said it is about encouraging children to read, but also to understand what it is they are reading.

To get involved in the Love to Read Campaign people should email Mr Everitt, who is a governor at St Louis Catholic Middle School and Westley School in Bury, on and include if possible the school at which they would like to read.

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