‘We’re completely stuck - it’s a joke’ – Rail passengers’ anger at train chaos

Greater Anglia passengers have experienced severe disruption on trains heading to London Liverpool S

Greater Anglia passengers have experienced severe disruption on trains heading to London Liverpool Street Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Frustrated commuters have voiced their anger as trains running from Ipswich to London Liverpool Street have been cancelled for more than three hours.

It comes following damages to an overhead line near Colchester, which has caused major disruption to the network.

Many passengers headed for the capital have taken the long alternative route of travelling via Cambridge, although those heading to Colchester and other Essex stations have felt they are stuck in limbo.

Care home manager Daniel Rowark, 34, said: "I need to get to Billericay for work as soon as possible.

"I've been here for an hour already and there is no news - it is too difficult for me to go any other way.

"I've got a really important job to do and people need me, but thankfully I can work from Ipswich for now."

Disruption was originally expected until 9am although Greater Anglia say they now expect services to resume at 2pm.

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Other commuters have teamed up with strangers to pay for taxis to their destination due to a lack of rail replacement buses.

Gavin Priestley, 20, said: "It is an absolute joke, there are no other words for it.

"We've been here for more than an hour and there has been no mention of buses or anything - it feels as if they aren't doing anything to help.

"It seems like every other day there is some sort of problem."

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Mr Priestley had joined a group of other commuters headed for Colchester to hire a taxi - adding he cannot afford both the time or expense.

Another member of his group added: "This is the second time this week I've been late to work because of trains.

"Thankfully my boss has been very understanding."

John Holloway, a commuter to London, was able to get a train to London via Cambridge but remained angry at the situation.

Mr Holloway said: "The advice from Greater Anglia is 'do not travel', however I am a Contractor so I wont get paid if I don't go to work.

"Greater Anglia knew of issues from very early this morning so why has it taken so long to source buses? It is half term week from school so there would have been plenty of spare buses around usually used for school runs and I am sure drivers could have been contacted and asked if they would like some overtime.

"Greater Anglia have been talking about imminent new trains for about 2 years now but this wouldn't have solved today's issues.

"After work I've got the fun job of getting home again and the delays look like they are going to last all day."

Rail replacement buses later arrived at the station which are understood to be made available for Colchester passengers soon.