Gun shot ruled out as killer of cat in Kelly Road, Ipswich

Kelly Road, Ipswich

Kelly Road, Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Police have said a cat found dead in Ipswich was not shot, as initially believed.

A dog walker discovered the body of the black cat around 7.30am in Kelly Road, Ipswich, on April 2., The injuries were so extensive that vets were not able to identify who the animal belonged to.

Police enquiries in the road have not led to any additional information, but a further investigation by vets suggested the cat had not been shot.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that vets had examined the cat, but due to the extent of the injuries could not conclusively say what caused the death. A collision with a car or an attack from a fox were not ruled out.

The spokeswoman also confirmed that no witnesses had been found and no one had come forward as the owner.