Superfast internet roll-out delayed after broadband box crashed into

The damaged box on the B1071 is preventing homes in the area from using the internet at the speeds p

The damaged box on the B1071 is preventing homes in the area from using the internet at the speeds promised by provider BT Picture: MARK LEWIS - Credit: Archant

A village’s bid for faster internet speeds has been delayed for months after a broadband box was damaged when it was crashed into.

Residents of Hadleigh Heath have long been waiting for the new fibre broadband rollout in their area.

But the box delivering the faster speeds, maintained by BT Openreach, remains damaged on the A1071 after being hit by a vehicle on August 16.

Residents say they have made multiple calls about getting the box fixed so they can benefit from faster internet speeds.

However BT Openreach has said the repairs will not take place until January 17.

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A BT Openreach spokesman said: “The damaged cabinet on the A1071 was a newly stood box, in preparation for the roll-out of fibre broadband.

“However, the significant damage prompted us to reconsider if this is the most suitable location for it.

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“That’s because it’s right next to a busy 60mph road, on a bend, and would require temporary traffic lights every time we needed to work on it.”

The spokesman added that a risk of severe disruption to phone and broadband services was possible if the cabinet was repaired and damaged again.

The spokesman added: “We’ve made this a priority and the work is planned for January.

“We are in touch with local residents and will keep them updated.”

Hadleigh Heath resident Mark Lewis, whose three sons are studying for GCSEs and A-levels, said: “It’s just a complete joke.

“I’ve been bounced from pillar to post trying to get someone out to fix it and it’s got us nowhere.

“It has been left lying at that angle having been completely demolished by a vehicle.

“If another car or, even worse, a motorcyclist were to hit it now, god help them.”

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