Halesworth: People urged not to use footbridge as ‘idiots’ remove signs

Tony Goldson

Tony Goldson - Credit: Archant

Representatives of a Suffolk market town have urged people not to use a popular bridge after signs warning of danger from using it were removed by “idiots”.

The footbridge on Rectory Lane in Halesworth, has been closed since June 2 as it was deemed unsafe after inspections showed the metal beams on the bridge had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Suffolk county and Waveney district councillor Tony Goldson said: “Hooligans or idiots have removed the signage and thrown them into the river. Now we’ve got to have them restored. We haven’t closed that bridge for fun.”

When the bridge was originally closed, Mr Goldson said the metal struts supporting the bridge were “shot”, and that the bridge was in danger of collapsing.

Upon hearing the news of the removal of the signage, he said: “It’s in a very dangerous state. If someone was to fall, they wouldn’t just get wet, it would be something much more serious.

“We don’t close anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. The bridge is corroded and rotten underneath. The last thing we want is someone on it if it collapses.

“We’re working very hard to get it fixed. There’s a water main under the bridge.

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“If the bridge collapsed and the water main burst there’s going to be people without water.”

Emergency teams were sent out yesterday to secure the bridge so people would no longer cross it.

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: “The footbridge was deemed unsafe and ‘way closed’ signs were erected.

“A member of the public rights of way team will be going out today to put more signs up and check the area. We are liaising with a number of agencies to rectify the issue as there a few factors involved with the repairs.

“These include Anglian Water, conservation officers and contractors. We would like to stress to everyone that the bridge is still unsafe and would urge people to observe the signs and not use it.”