Has spring finally arrived?

SUFFOLK sun-seekers were finally rewarded yesterday as East Anglia experienced one of the hottest days of the year.

After a damp and miserable start to the Bank Holiday weekend, there was warm sunshine yesterday – leaving many hoping that Spring had finally sprung.

Temperatures reached a maximum of 16C across Suffolk, with the prospect that the rest of the week would remain mostly dry.

WeatherQuest forecaster John Law said: “We have definitely experienced one of the hottest and nicest days of the year so far.

“Temperatures got up to 16C and that is up there with the highest temperatures we’ve had so far.

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“The mercury has only risen as high as 15C twice in recent months. On March 24 parts of Suffolk saw temperatures of up to 15C, while on March 18 other areas were lucky enough to experience highs of 16.6C.’’

Mr Law added that he expected the weather for the week ahead to be settled and mainly dry.

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“We can expect a bit more cloud which will build up from a western front,” he said.

“The north and west of Suffolk is likely to expect a few spots of patchy rain but the best of the weather can be expected on the Essex coast.”

“Temperatures will drop a degree or too, but with high pressure coming in the week looks set to be dry and settled.”

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