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Sir Bob Russell, high steward of Colchester, invites people to sample the delights of the town

Sir Bob Russell, high steward of Colchester, invites people to sample the delights of the town - Credit: Su Anderson

Here we bring you four letters sent by our readers this week

If some people are daft enough to undertake a return journey of 20, 40, 60 or more miles to “save” a couple of pounds on parking charges (EADT, January 26) then more fool them for wasting so much time and the cost of fuel to achieve this. I thought the survey and league tables by the Ipswich Society, in contrasting Ipswich parking charges with other towns, was pointless because I am sure most people from Suffolk who travel to Colchester do so not because of the cost of parking but rather because they find Britain’s first city to be a destination that appeals to them in terms of shopping and other respects. The Ipswich Society league tables were incomplete. I could easily have produced comparisons showing lower parking charges in Colchester, depending on location and hours, but as I do not consider that parking charges are a major determining factor for why people choose Colchester I was not going to respond. However, I have been provoked by a comment in “Speaker’s Corner” by Paul Geater (January 28) with his gratuitous insult directed at Colchester – of which he observed: “I’m not really a great fan of that town.” This is not exactly helpful, I would have thought, to the EADT in keeping Colchester readers in challenging times particularly as there is a North Essex edition! Mr Geater made his comment after making reference to Colchester’s newly-opened park and ride. For the benefit of those readers in Suffolk who are looking for a change then I extend a personal invitation to visit Colchester to see its many attractions and bustling town centre. The park and ride site is located at junction 28 on the A12 near Colchester Community Stadium.


High Steward of Colchester.

I have recently had the strange experience of receiving a bank debit card renewal through the post with no precautions taken against it being lost or stolen, no recorded delivery or any other measures taken. If a debit card was lost or stolen it could be used to buy on the telephone or the internet. A great deal of money could dishonestly be taken from an account by buying something like expensive jewellery etc. Surely it’s time for the banks to guard against loss.

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Please can we have a Suffolk referendum on the important issue of these continual cutbacks? Suffolk’s essential frontline services are being cut to potentially dangerous levels... we see fire stations not being adequately manned, and in some cases, could take longer than necessary to muster a crew... we see our police force being compromised right left and centre, and we now see a rise in Suffolk’s crime rate. The Suffolk judicial system is under threat from stringent cutbacks and could see even more courts closed... health care in Suffolk is feeling a massive pinch and we are seeing local facilities and hospitals being closed. Education is suffering badly compared with the rest of the country, and it needs proper investment for our young people to flourish and grow... the state of our highways are appalling with badly-marked roads, dim cats’ eyes and a great number of potholes. Care for the elderly is being continually criticised and needs a huge influx of money to ensure a proper and professional service... I could carry on giving more examples of these cutbacks, and apologise to those I haven’t mentioned. Let us have a referendum. The choice is quite simple. The ballot paper should ask for a 7% increase in council tax and no cutbacks, or, 0% increase in council tax and agree to cutbacks. Once the people of Suffolk have spoken, the politicians will have to act accordingly... not the way they might want to, or the way their leaders tell them... but by the way the public have voted. If it means going against the Government, then so be it... however, if Suffolk supports a 0% rise in council tax and agrees to cutbacks... then we cannot moan and create when they take place. This massively important debate must be decided by the people of Suffolk, probably the most important for our future than any other recent issue. Let us up and rebel and have our voice heard!


Great Cornard.

I am amazed to see that Mick McCarthy has told club owner Marcus Evans that he is “more than happy with the squad of players he has”. Time will tell of course, I am not a betting man, but as an ex-season ticket holder of 20 years and looking at the statistics before he came to Town, manager four times, sacked twice, resigned twice, having won less than 40% of games played, looking at the current squad any money would probably be best placed on one of those scenarios rather than promotion. I hope I am proved wrong. Traders in the town used to talk about the “feel good factor” in the area when Town were a top team, how Ipswich needs that again now! Are there really no better players out there, Mr McCarthy?



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