Haverhill: Begging letter warning for Suffolk EuroMillions winners

“GET ready for the begging letters” - that’s the warning from a financial expert after a Suffolk couple scooped the country’s second biggest Lottery jackpot.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford are now faced with many decisions about what to do with their jaw-dropping �148.6 million winnings.

According to The Sunday Times Rich List, the Bayford family are now 516th in Britain and have a fortune to rival Jamie and Jools Oliver (�150million), Sir Tom Jones (�140million) and Eric Clapton (�130million).

Leigh Clayden, an independent financial advisor who is based in Ipswich, said the lucky couple now have lots of options open to them.

He said the first thing for the Bayfords to remember is to take their time and not make any rush decisions about how to spend and save their money.

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He said seeking advice from several different advisors with expertise in a range of areas was key to maximising the vast windfall.

Mr Clayden, of Clayden Financial in Belstead, said: “The first thing is to take your time - there is no rush, no panic. Take some time to really decide what to do with such a life-changing amount of money.

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“If it just went in a savings account, you should be able to get 3% gross - which would start at �4,440,000 a year. “That’s just a standard, ordinary instant access savings account.

“But of course they are going to get taxed on that because of the amount, that would be 50%.

“When people get that sort of money they generally look towards helping their friends and family first.

“They must be careful that it doesn’t change them too much.”

He said it depended on how much of a legacy the couple wish to leave - to their family but also to charities, including the possibility of setting up their own charity to help others.

He added: “I would go to different advisors and give them different amounts - a stock broker and give them a big pot to buy a shares portfolio.

“The other thing is, and I know from other big winners, that they need to get ready for the begging letters. They need to decide how much they are going to keep, how much they are going to gift and set a certain amount for charities, which comes instantly out of their estate.

“If you have got a lot of money, it’s a responsibility for you.”

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