Haverhill: Jury in Rimmer murder trial still out

THE jury in the trial of a Suffolk carer accused of killing a 77-year-old man is expected to continue its deliberations tomorrow.

Before Ipswich Crown Court is 48-year-old Bunthawee Rimmer, who has denied murdering Paul Norfolk at his home in Castle Lane, Haverhill, in December last year.

It has been alleged that Rimmer, who originally moved into Mr Norfolk’s home to care for his wife Esme, struck him over the head with a claw hammer while he was asleep and then tried to kill herself.

Rimmer told the court she loved Mr Norfolk and claimed she had little recollection of the attack but said that prior to hitting Mr Norfolk she heard voices in her head saying: “dead, dead, dead”.

The court has heard there was no dispute that Rimmer had killed Mr Norfolk and the issue for the jury was whether or not she was suffering from a form of depression which had impaired her mind at the time of the killing which would reduce the charge of murder to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility.

The jury retired to consider its verdict on Wednesday and was sent home at the end of the court day today with instructions to return tomorrow to continue its discussions.

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