Haverhill: Man’s head ‘stamped on’, court is told

SECURITY camera film of a street attack during which a man’s head was kicked and stamped on nearly 40 times has been played to a jury.

During the film Mark Pallott is seen on the ground being repeatedly kicked by one man while another man drags his unconscious body into an alleyway.

The footage which was captured by CCTV cameras in Market Street Haverhill was played at Ipswich Crown Court on the first day of the trial of Ollie Deeks, 18, of Chalkstone Way, Haverhill, who has denied attempted grievous bodily harm with intent on Mr Pallott last July.

Chris Morgan prosecuting said that on the night in question Mr Pallott had visited friends and family in Haverhill before going out drinking in the town.

He consumed “many” pints of Guinness and found himself at 4am in Market Street where he had a conversation with Deeks’ co-defendant Marc Nowell which developed into an argument.

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Mr Morgan said that because he was knocked unconscious in the attack Mr Pallott’s recollection of the incident was unclear, although he did recall curling up as kicks were delivered to his head.

A CCTV operator spotted Mr Pallott lying on the ground and recorded Nowell repeatedly kicking and stamping on his head and Deeks dragging his unconscious body into an alleyway where Nowell continued kicking him.

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The police were alerted by the CCTV operator and Deeks was arrested after running into a police officer as he came out of the alleyway.

Mr Morgan told the court that Nowell had pleaded guilty to the offence Deeks was charged with.

He said that despite the number of kicks aimed at his head Mr Pallott had not been seriously injured and had escaped with injuries to his face and body.

Deeks claimed he had been trying to stop the attack on Mr Pallott by pulling him into the alleyway.

He said he had told Nowell to stop but had been scared that he would turn on him. He denied pulling Mr Pallott’s body into the alleyway out of the view of the CCTV cameras.

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