Tier 4 residents told: 'Do not travel to Colchester'

Colchester Borough Council leader Mark Cory

Mr Cory called for people to stay away from Colchester - Credit: COLCHESTER BOROUGH COUNCIL

People living under Tier 4 Covid-19 restrictions have been urged to stay away from Colchester - to stop the virus spreading in the town.

Colchester is one of the few areas of Essex to remain in Tier 2, alongside Tendring and Uttlesford.

The rest of the county is under the new Tier 4 and faces the toughest restrictions, including a ban on travelling outside of their areas.

Colchester Borough Council leader Mark Cory said anyone tempted to visit Colchester should follow the latest guidance and stay at home.

“Colchester has done well to keep virus numbers lower than other parts of the county," he said. 

"We rely on people in other areas to respect the rules to keep it that way.  

"Sadly, I fear our numbers will begin to rise more rapidly, partly due to people crossing the border, but also due to the last-minute Christmas shopping dash.

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"In two weeks, our Covid cases in Colchester could be as high as South Essex.

"We must do our bit here in Colchester and I ask that those in Tier 4 play their part too and stay away.

“Please do not make any non-essential journeys outside of your areas and please do not travel to Colchester, however tempting your visit may seem in the days before Christmas.

“We need you to follow the rules, think about reducing the risk of infection both to yourself and others and continue to do everything you can to keep these rates down.

"Everyone knows how difficult and disruptive to normal life this is, but we cannot give up now.”