Home care business aims to help people maintain their independence

Elderly woman talking with a carer in their home

Fame 24Hour Care can provide a wide range of care, from companionship to live-in care - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fame 24Hour Care offers a “realistic alternative to residential care”. 

Banky Ogunnowo pursued a career in healthcare after seeing family members suffer with ill health when he was growing up. Since then, he has set up Ipswich-based home care business Fame 24Hour care. 

“I watched my grandmother struggle with so many health issues before she passed,” explains Banky. “I have also experienced health issues myself – I have witnessed how difficult it can be to complete simple tasks that we sometimes take for granted.  

“Growing up, I always felt like family members were invincible, so I know how hard it can be to watch the people you love and admire struggle. It makes you feel helpless and hesitant to help make decisions regarding their care, for fear that you may make the wrong decision along the way.  

“This is why I am so passionate about our company. I feel like there is a disconnect in the industry.” 

Banky Ogunnowo, owner and managing director of Fame 24Hour Care

Banky Ogunnowo, owner and managing director of Fame 24Hour Care - Credit: Fame 24Hour Care

His aim for Fame 24Hour Care is that it will become a "one-stop shop" for people who would like to keep their independence in their own homes. 

“We offer a realistic alternative to residential care,” he adds. 

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While many clients will be older people, Fame 24Hour Care can also care for younger adults and children. It can care for anyone who has dementia, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease, stroke, mental health issues and learning difficulties.  

Fame 24Hour Care can also provide palliative care, companionship and live-in care.

If someone needs care in their own home, an assessment will be carried out as the first step. If your needs are straightforward, a simple assessment over the phone might be enough. If you have more complex needs, you may need a more detailed face-to-face needs assessment. 

“Our assessors are appropriately trained to carry out the assessments,” says Banky. 

The team may need to consult other professionals to get a full picture of your needs and, where necessary, a social worker or occupational therapist would come along to the assessment.  

If face-to-face assessments aren’t possible during the coronavirus emergency, they may consider phone calls, self-assessments or partnering with another organisation to complete the assessment. “We consider individual situations when making this decision and make sure the assessment is accurate to your needs,” Banky adds. 

Fame 24hour Care employs highly-trained professionals and provides ongoing education to keep abreast of the changes within the healthcare community.  

“The home care services we provide are safe and carried out in a financially responsible, ethical and confidential manner,” explains Banky. “We are here to support you in returning to optimum health and maintain this level within the home.” 

Woman holding senior woman's hand on bed

Fame 24hour Care employs highly trained professionals and provides ongoing education to keep abreast of the changes within the healthcare community - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

One or two caregivers are carefully matched to each client, to ensure continuity of care. Each care visit is of a minimum of an hour to ensure good care and support are provided.  

Caregivers ensure they are Covid-safe by following a number of procedures, including wearing PPE. They undergo weekly Covid-19 tests and clients are also regularly supported to get tested. 

Owner and managing director Banky has 12 years’ experience working with adults, children and young people within health and social care, with over six years at senior management level.  

He offers strong leadership for the management team and vision for the organisation. However, he also remains visible to staff and accessible to service users, maintaining a ‘hands-on’ approach.  

His aim is that all of their clients are encouraged to maintain as much independence in their own homes as their circumstances allow. 

For more information, go to fame24hourcare.com, email admin@fame24hourcare.com or call 01473 345434.