Survey launched to understand thoughts on coronavirus response

Public meeting at the John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, over NHS challenges. Pictured is Andy Yacoub (CE

Public meeting at the John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, over NHS challenges. Pictured is Andy Yacoub (CEO Healthwatch Suffolk). Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

Healthwatch Suffolk has launched a survey to find out more about the care received by patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

The watchdog, which looks at healthcare across the county, is looking to understand what care has been like during the pandemic.

The survey can be carried out on Healthwatch Suffolk’s website where it asks for healthcare users opinions on their experiences of diagnosis, treatment and support during the outbreak.

It’s also hoping to find out how the virus has changed the way people access local health and care services during the virus, particularly if people rely on them for regular care, including appointments, prescriptions and emergency treatment.

There are also questions about the coronavirus more specifically; with Heathwatch Suffolk interested in how services have responded to patients, carers or family members who have become unwell with symptoms of the virus.

Healthwatch Suffolk said that all feedback provided would be used to help improve Suffolk’s response to the virus now but to also make changes to services in the future.

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It will also look to find any gaps in care whilst encouraging best practice for patients, carers and families.

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The survey also includes section for people to pass on their experiences with and thanks to key workers both in healthcare and elsewhere. Healthwatch Suffolk will also be passing on this feedback and hopes that it will have a positive impact on staff morale.

Andy Yacoub, chief executive of Healthwatch Suffolk, said: “We know that people’s access to crucial services and support has changed dramatically and at a pace that has never before been seen within the health and social care sector. That is incredible, but also concerning because it means there has been no real time to consider the impact of those changes on local people.

“With so many changes happening within our local NHS and social care services, now is the right time for rapid feedback about how the virus has impacted upon us all. In particular, we need to know more about how it has affected people who may have existing health or care needs.

“This is also a brilliant way for people to say thank you to services or to highlight the good care they may have received in spite of the pandemic.

“Importantly, we are running this survey in partnership with people and organisations across Suffolk. That includes senior leaders of local NHS and care services. We will make sure they hear about people’s experiences and we know this will inform the response to Covid-19 in Suffolk.”

To take part in the survey visit the Healthwatch Suffolk website.

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