Ipswich-based business wins Home Care Service of the Year award

Banky Ogunnowo and the Fame 24Hour Care has been named Home Care Service of the Year

Banky Ogunnowo and the Fame 24Hour Care has been named Home Care Service of the Year award in the London and South East Prestige Awards 2020/21 - Credit: Fame 24Hour Care

The founder of the Fame 24Hour Care team has a very personal reason for wanting to help people keep their independence in their own homes.

Home care business Fame 24Hour Care has been named Home Care Service of the Year in the London and South East Prestige Awards 2020/21.

After winning the award this summer, Banky Ogunnowo, who runs Fame 24Hour Care, says: “We never cease to amaze with our service. It’s no wonder we’re among the best home care companies in the industry, and we’d like to thank our clients and their families for their continued support as well as a great year of working together.”

Members of the Fame24Hour team

Members of the Fame 24Hour team - Credit: Fame 24Hour Care

Osmaan Mahmood, founder and CEO of Prestige Awards, says: “Although small businesses may not be able to compete with multinational companies on their size and scale, there is a personalised service-driven focus that is often void from large organisations.”

Banky Ogunnowo pursued a career in healthcare, and set up Fame 24Hour Care  after seeing family members suffer with ill health when he was growing up. He became determined to ensure others received the best possible care. 

“I watched my grandmother struggle with so many health issues before she passed,” explains Banky.

“I have also experienced health issues myself – I have witnessed how difficult it can be to complete simple tasks that we sometimes take for granted. 

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“Growing up, I always felt like family members were invincible, so I know how hard it can be to watch the people you love and admire struggle. It makes you feel helpless and hesitant to help make decisions regarding their care, for fear that you may make the wrong decision along the way. 

“This is why I am so passionate about our company.”

Fame 24Hour Care is a ‘one-stop shop’ for people who would like to keep their independence in their own homes.

“We offer a realistic alternative to residential care,” Banky adds.

He says his team work tirelessly to support the wellbeing and health of their clients. If a client has a particular need or wish, the 24Hour Care staff will do everything they can to help.

“Their wellbeing is very important,” he says.

Banky says every client gets the best care from a team which believes everyone is an individual with unique needs and choices.

Clients include older people, young people and children, as well as those who may be living with issues such as dementia, mental health issues and learning difficulties, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy or motor neurone disease, or be recovering from a stroke or medical procedure.

Banky’s aim is to help clients maintain as much independence in their own homes as their circumstances allow.
To ensure care continuity, one or two caregivers are carefully matched to each client.

He believes the Fame 24Hour Care team provides the best possible care because the company looks after its staff. 

“We try and give back to our staff. Caring is tiring work and our staff are the best. We are a living wage employer, we pay more than the minimum wage.

“We support our staff’s wellbeing in terms of training, regular appraisals and checking they are enjoying their work. We believe working all the time is not good, so we like to have social catch ups and try to encourage leisure activities,” Banky says, believing that a happy team gives the best care.

He adds that Fame 24Hour Care employs highly-trained professionals and provides ongoing training to keep abreast of changes within the healthcare community. 

For more information, go to fame24hourcare.com, email admin@fame24hourcare.com or call 01473 345434.

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