Musical support 'saved my life' says 19-year-old

Sophie Tomlin and Jay Goodrich

Sophie Tomlin who was suffering from Mental health issues says her life has been changed through a scheme by Noise Solutions. Sophie with musical mentor Jay Goodrich - Credit: Sophie Tomlin

A music organisation has helped a young woman from Ipswich who struggled to leave her home due to her mental health and "saved her life". 

Sophie Tomlin, 19, said her experience of Noise Solution, an internationally recognised social enterprise providing digital youth work, was "simply amazing".

Just a few months ago, Sophie had been in hospital with various mental health issues, and she often struggled to leave her home.

She has however said her life has been transformed since being referred to Noise Solution, based in Bury St Edmunds.

It pairs professional musician mentors with at-risk young people facing complex issues. Musicians use music technology, in particular beat making, as a tool to improve participants confidence, motivation and well-being.

Sophie is now preparing to play a live gig, and credits Noise Solution and her tutor, local musician Jay Goodrich for helping her.

Sophie said: “The Noise Solution sessions were amazing, and I will remember it for the rest of my life."

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“It really has saved my life. It’s not therapy, and that’s why it worked for me. It is about human connection, and music. Some sessions we just talked, others we were jamming away to Red Hot Chilli Peppers".

Noise Solution has been shortlisted at this year's Music and Drama Education Awards, held March 23, for the Rocksteady Award for Progressive and Inclusive Music Education.

Sophie was paired with Ipswich musician Jay.

She said: "My tutor Jay has been great, I say tutor, but the sessions are very informal, which is the reason I like it so much.

"I like that the sessions aren't always about me. It's not that traditional power dynamic that you get in therapy, it's more human."

Sophie's mum Patricia said: “Sophie has learnt about music in a fun way, and we’re so incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity. It was by chance that we found out about Noise Solution, and it turned out to be the perfect fit.

“Sophie shares what she does on the online platform, and we can see what they do in the sessions. She is just laughing all the time! It gives young people an opportunity to get out and about and do things. It has been wonderful.”