Vaccine drive forging ahead as young people sign up for jabs

Suffolk and Essex doctors' surgeries have started rolling out the vaccine

Suffolk and north Essex are making good progress in the Covid-19 vaccination programme - Credit: Archant

More young people in Suffolk and north Essex have been vaccinated against Covid than almost anywhere else in the country.

The combined Suffolk and North East Essex NHS area is ranked second for the percentage of 16 to 24 year olds who have had both doses of the Covid vaccine, with 15.3% now fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the 25-29 bracket has also seen a surge in jabs, with 22.4% of people in that age group having had both doses.

The area is ranked 11th for the highest proportion of fully vaccinated adults in the country, with 62% of over-16s having received both of their doses as of June 13.

The region and its local authorities have continued to rank among the most vaccinated areas of England – with smaller neighbourhood areas known as MSOAs in Suffolk appearing among the nation's top 10 in recent months.

Bookings were extended to those aged 23 and 24 in Suffolk on Tuesday, with government officials hoping all over 18s will be able to book from Friday.

In other age groups, 94.2% of over-80s have received both jabs, while 100% of the 70 to 74 bracket are fully vaccinated.

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Looking at local authorities, Mid Suffolk is the most vaccinated area in the region, with 65.1% of adults having received both jabs, narrowly followed by Tendring at 64.8%.

The more urban authorities, Ipswich and Colchester, have the lowest rates in the region, with 48.6% of adults having received both jabs in Colchester and 49.9% in Ipswich.

East Suffolk ranks fifth in the country for the proportion of first doses given out, with 82.4% of over-16s having received their first injection.

Looking at individual neighbourhoods, Holland-on-sea and Felixstowe East both feature among areas to have given out the highest proportion of second jabs at 76.3% and 75.7% respectively. That figure sees them rank as seventh and 11th in the whole of England.

In terms of first doses, Felixstowe East ranks even higher, with 89.4% of adults having had their first injection as of June 13, earning them the sixth spot nationwide. 

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