1,000 Covid cases linked to Latitude Festival

Crowd at Latitude

More than 1,000 covid cases have been linked to the Latitude Festival - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

More than 1,000 cases of Covid-19 have been linked to last month's Latitude Festival in Suffolk.

Of those, 175 were people living in the county itself after the three days of music, comedy and other entertainment in Henham Park.

Latitude was one of a series of events across the country classed as a government pilot. As such, it was closely monitored by officials.

Other test events were the Euro 2020 semi-finals and final at Wembley and the Tramlines music festival in Sheffield.

Everyone attending had to show a negative test result to gain admission and was monitored during the event.

Visitors could get a coronavirus jab during the festival.

Latitude bus

Latitude was a test event - and festival-goers were able to get the coronavirus vaccine at Henham Park - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

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Results of the pilot published by the government show that 619 people acquired the infection at the time of Latitude.

A further 432 would have been infectious at the time of the event - making a total of 1,051 cases.

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Each day, there were just under 45,000 festival-goers and staff at Latitude. However, the exact numbers cannot be calculated because it was unclear how many attended on all three days and how many just went for one or two. 

Latidude 2021

Latitude attracted nearly 45,000 people to Henham Park each day - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Across the country at the time, an Office of National Statistics survey estimated that one in 65 people were infected - but for those aged 21, the figure was one in 35.

That means the figures for the number of cases linked to Latitude is not that far away from the national stastics - even though some staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital are understood to have referred to it as a "Covid fest."

The figures for Latitude are considerably lower than those for the Boardmasters Festival at Newquay, in Cornwall, where 4,700 cases were linked to the 50,000 partygoers.

Stuart Keeble, director of Suffolk Public Health, said: “Latitude Festival was part of an event research pilot by central government, which set the parameters and Covid guidance for the event. 

“We were one of many partners who helped implement Covid-security in line with government advice.

"Our supporting data shows that of the 1,051 people who tested positive for Covid in the days after Latitude, around 175 of those people live in Suffolk.

“As Suffolk reopens once again and people attend busy events or attractions, it’s important that people continue to be considerate of others and wear a mask or keep their distance where appropriate.

"Covid is still circulating in the county and whilst the majority of us are double jabbed, we cannot be sure that those people around us won’t become very unwell if they catch it.”

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