Artist 'living a dream' after lockdown art leads to career change

Rich Will with his painting

Rich Will with his painting - Credit: Rich Will

A Suffolk painter who changed his career after finding his passion in lockdown says it has helped him overcome his own difficulties.  

Rich Will, from Nedging Tye, near Hadleigh, not only creates abstract acrylic paintings, but also delivers them to the clients himself. 

Crashing Suffolk wave at sunset

Crashing Suffolk wave at sunset - Credit: Rich Will

Mr Will said: “People are loving my art, and I’m enjoying it. I’m living a dream. Everything I know is just been through experimentation and just loving to be in the process.” 

During the pandemic, Mr Will completely changed his career from a top role in sales and marketing to full-time artist.  

The painter says delivering the paintings helps him with his anxiety. 

He said: “It was more just to fill the time, keep myself busy and help with my mental health.

“I found getting out and delivering the paintings very helpful. I can then interact with people.” 

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The artist has donated his artwork to the Teapot Project in Woodbridge. 

 In the next few weeks, Mr Will is going to produce a couple of paintings to be sold to help a Ukrainian relief charity.  


Dusk - Credit: Rich Will

The artist specialises in acrylic abstract art on canvas and glass with many of his requests being commissions from customers.  

He said: “They are contacting me, asking if I could paint a version of photographs and landscapes. I like this type of commissioning work as it takes me out of my comfort zone. I’ve made a few pieces that I wouldn’t have done at all without a specification from the client.”

The 42-year-old artist admits that Suffolk’s surroundings, fields and coast are his big inspiration.  

He has also been pleased to have received hundreds of reviews from happy customers.  

The Lake, one of the artist's favourite paintings

The Lake, one of the artist's favourite paintings - Credit: Rich Will

The artist said: “It is nice to get good feedback, and I’m just humbled by it. It helps my confidence when the paintings are selling out. It’s nice that the paintings are popular and people are into it.”  

Rich Will's website:


Sunset - Credit: Rich Will