'One jab is half a job' - video urges men to get both Covid vaccines

A screenshot from the video encouraging Suffolk men to get their second Covid jab

A screenshot from the video encouraging Suffolk men to get their second Covid jab - Credit: Suffolk Resilience Forum

A comical new video has been released by Suffolk health bosses to encourage men aged between 20 and 49 to get their second Covid vaccination.

Analysis from public health at Suffolk County Council revealed that in the 20-49 age groups, 75% of eligible females have had their first vaccine dose and 42% have also had their second.

But those numbers dropped for males - with 66% having their first dose and just 27% being fully vaccinated.

Suffolk Resilience Forum has unveiled a new video promoting the message ‘One Jab Is Half A Job’ to highlight the importance of getting both vaccines.

The clip - which argues "there are some things in life you just don't do by halves" - has been published on Suffolk County Council's YouTube page.

Stuart Keeble, Suffolk's director of public health, said: "We know that after one vaccination you have about 33% protection but that it is more than 80% if you have your second, so it’s really important for protecting yourself and other people.

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"We make the comparison that you would not do half a job in everyday things such as washing the car or having a shave, so why skimp on getting vaccinated properly?

"We know there is a difference between the proportion of men aged 20 to 49 getting their first and second jabs compared to women. The gap is especially wide for that second jab, which is something we are keen to change.”

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"The most important thing is that whatever your gender if you’ve made the effort to get your first jab, go and have the second because it will provide you with the optimum level of protection."

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