Electrician loses eight stone in nine months

Leiston man Kevin Hall before and after he lost eight stone in nine months

Leiston man Kevin Hall before and after he lost eight stone in nine months - Credit: JULIE LIDDIARD/SLIMMING WORLD

A Suffolk man has described how shedding eight stone in just nine months has brought ‘life changing’ benefits including better physical and mental health. 

Kevin Hall, 52, from Leiston, weighed 23 stone 8lbs when he joined his local Slimming World group in September.

He has now dropped to below 16 stone and he aims to get back to 13 stone- the weight he was when he married his wife Theresa 28 years ago. 

He was motivated to take action because he was not feeling healthy and had problems with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while he was also experiencing sleep apnoea, where breathing stops and starts during sleep, which meant he was often only sleeping for two-and-a-half hours.

Kevin can now fit into smaller jeans

Kevin can now fit into smaller jeans - Credit: HANNAH BALAAM/SLIMMING WORLD

The father-of-three was put in touch with the healthy living organisation OneLife Suffolk, which referred him to Slimming World. 

When he joined the group, he was given a diet plan that allowed him to eat as much as he liked of certain foods and to do more exercise. 

He has joined the gym at Leiston Leisure Centre, where he is doing strength and cardio training. 

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And the dramatic results have helped him to cope with his physical work as an electrician, which he said was a ‘struggle’ to complete when he weighed 23 stone. 

He said: “I found it a struggle most of the time really without realising it. I was getting out of breath and sweating quite a bit. It was difficult trying to get through trap doors and into roof spaces.” 

His success has also seen him named his group's Man of the Year.

Mr Hall said: “I thought about joining Swimming World of my own volition, but I suppose I was self-conscious. 

“Walking through the door was a bit scary in a way, but I would recommend to anyone who was thinking of doing it to give it a go because it is life changing really. 

“It has made such a difference to me and my family. I feel fit and healthy and it has made me feel better about myself,” Mr Hall said.