Covid's tragic death toll in Suffolk revealed

Ten more deaths have been reported across Suffolk Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Official data shows 750 Covid deaths have been reported in Suffolk  - Credit: Archant

Further pleas have made for people to follow strict lockdown rules - after Suffolk passed a grim milestone of 750 coronavirus deaths.

Stuart Keeble, director of public health for Suffolk, said the county needed people strictly follow the lockdown rules in an effort to save lives and prevent further unnecessary death.

Stuart Keeble, director of public health for Suffolk Picture: SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL

Stuart Keeble, director of public health for Suffolk - Credit: Archant

The nation is being urged to stay at home and limit interaction with others in order to stop the virus moving from person to person, making fewer people ill and ultimately preventing people from dying.

Mr Keeble said: “This is such a sad milestone, and my thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the loss of a loved one.

“Sadly, there will be further deaths, but every single person has the power to bring this number down with immediate effect, to reduce the pressure on our hospitals and to stop people from becoming ill with this deadly disease.

“This new variant is far more infectious, it doesn’t recognise that you follow the rules most of the time, it only takes one opportunity."

Mr Keeble was speaking after it was confirmed that, as of December 25, 774 people have lost their lives to Covid in Suffolk.

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“The message could not be clearer: Stay at home. Save lives.

“The lockdown measures are in place because the new strain of the virus is spreading more easily between people. If everyone limits their interaction with each other, we will not be giving the virus the opportunity to affect more people.

“Do not use lockdown restrictions as a challenge to see how you can flex the rules.

"Question yourself every time you think about leaving your home or getting in the car - is this the safest thing to do to protect my friends and family? Am I putting other people’s loved ones in danger?”

Support is available for people affected by feelings of isolation or worries about finances.

Home, But Not Alone (0800 876 6926) offers help to those self-isolating and needing to access medicine or food, while financial support is available through local borough or district councils.

•An earlier version of this article reported 1,000 deaths in Suffolk, based on information provided by Suffolk Resilience Forum. It has since confirmed that 1,000 people have died of Covid-19 in the acute hospitals serving Suffolk (James Paget, West Suffolk, Ipswich and Colchester) but also other areas, not notably Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. The correct statistic for Suffolk residents who have died in any setting, and where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate, is 774 as at December 25, according to the latest available data. 

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