Covid: What could a potential Plan C look like?

PC117 Stephenson from the Kestrel Team patrolling Ipswich town centre. Picture: SARAH LUCYBROWN

Officers from Suffolk Police enforcing Covid restrictions last winter - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Omicron numbers are rising dramatically across the country with another 633 reported on Saturday, bringing the total confirmed number of cases to 1,898.

In addition, scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine are claiming it could potentially cause tens of thousands of deaths over the winter if measures more stringent than the Prime Minister's "Plan B" are not brought in. 

Experts predict that bringing in additional measures, including the closure of some entertainment venues, restrictions on indoor hospitality and limits on the number of people who can gather in one place could reduce hospital admissions by tens of thousands. 

However, right now, there is no official Plan C and ideas floated as potential government plans appear to be much less restrictive. 

Possible next steps they might take include requiring people to check in at hospitality venues, much like we were during spring, and isolate if they come into contact with an infectious individual.

Another option in discussion is requiring a Covid passport for pubs and restaurants, so you can only go in with a vaccination or a negative test. 

Limits on numbers allowed to gather indoors - or "bubbles" - could be another option to try to reduce contact and curb the spread of the omicron variant.

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In addition, mask rules could be tightened up in churches, cinemas and theatres, while table service could potentially be re-enforced at hospitality venues.

Nonetheless, with Tory backbenchers already rebelling against Plan B, and Boris Johnson speaking about his personal discomfort around "papers for the pub", all this is still very far from confirmed.