Heavy rain adds to motorists' misery

HEAVY rain caused miserable conditions for motorists during the morning rush-hour today.

HEAVY rain caused miserable conditions for motorists during the morning rush-hour today.

Suffolk Police were called to reports of an accident at 7am involving a car crashing into the central reservation on the Felixstowe-bound carriageway of the A14 at Coddenham however they later discovered this was a false alarm. There were no other reported crashes overnight.

The lashing rain was a far cry from the few hours of bright sunshine seen at the weekend. Although there were strong winds on Saturday night, Suffolk escaped the worst of it, with wind speeds only peaking at 40mph, rather than the 50mph predicted.

Much of the UK experienced calmer conditions on Sunday after gales and heavy rain caused havoc in parts of the country with winds gusting at speeds of more than 100mph.

Exposed parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales saw the worst of the weather on Saturday but our region stayed relatively serene.

Evening Star weather expert, Ken Blowers said: “It didn't get up much here with winds of 30 to 40 mph on Saturday night - nowhere near speeds of 40 to 50 mph that were predicted.

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“There was however half an inch of rainfall last night which is the heaviest in the Ipswich area since November 1.”

Elsewhere on Saturday winds of up to 106mph cut electricity supplies to around 100,000 homes across Ireland, north and south, as fallen trees and debris damaged power lines and blocked roads.

Conditions eased further on Sunday and are likely to stay calm over the forthcoming week but temperatures will still be chilly.

Mr Blowers said: “This week will be rather cold and on some nights there will be a frost but temperatures won't be far from the average which is 44F or 7C.

“There may also be a few wintry showers of snow, sleet or hail but there is no sense of any severe weather conditions on the way.

“We are now in mid-winter and still have to go through February - a month during which we often get snow.

“The Met Office forecast for next month is for a cold spell carrying freezing conditions but these long range forecasts are notoriously wrong.”