Henham: New wooden statue unveiled at the Latitude site

A SUFFOLK land owner has unveiled the latest chopped and chiselled addition to his estate after teaming up for the third time with a brilliantly-gifted sculptor.

Hektor Rous, estate manager at Henham Park, near Southwold, enlisted the skills of chainsaw artist Ben Loughrill for the latest of three sculptures dotted around the 3,500-acre site – home to the Latitude music festival and Henham Grand Steam Rally.

Following on from a shapely rendering of Boudica and a striking effigy of King Ona, Mr Rous decided to commission a lasting tribute to his father, Keith Rous – the sixth Earl of Stradbroke, and so-called “Aussie Earl”.

Deftly carved from a dead tree, the sculpture took Mr Loughrill a few weeks of sawing and chiselling to complete, and now surveys the beautiful landscape of the park.

Mr Loughrill said: “I always have a picture in my mind of what it’s going to look like. This one was difficult to begin with because the tree was about 8ft across and I had to make sure it was stable enough to make it happen.

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“It was the hardest of the three. I had to cut away a lot of wood before making anything out of it.

“I’m quite into making people now. I’ve made so many animals but people are more inspiring – you can give them more expression.”

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Mr Rous guaranteed the latest sculpture would not be the last to appear on the estate.

He added: “We’ll keep doing them. It’s a good way to use the dead trees.

“We’re not sure about what’s next but it might be something more abstract.”

Mr Rous has already sent a photo of the sculpture to his father, who gave it the official thumbs-up.

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