Hero police officer describes moment he saved Long Melford baby's life

Pc Billy Turner from Suffolk Constabulary

Pc Billy Turner who administered CPR on baby Marnie in Long Melford - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

A Suffolk police officer has insisted he does not consider himself a hero after saving the life of a 13-week-old baby who had stopped breathing.  

Pc Billy Turner administered CPR to little Marnie Thrussell after receiving a priority 999 call to attend the family’s home in Long Melford around 5pm on Thursday, October 21.  

Pc Turner, who has only been a police officer for eight months after joining the force in February 2021, said he believes "anyone would have done the same”.  

Marnie, who was born 10 weeks premature, is now receiving care at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, and mum Natasha Brennan, 33, and dad Sam Thrussell, 27, are hoping to have their daughter home soon.  

Natasha Brennan with her premature daughter Marnie Thrussell who was saved thanks to CPR earlier this month

Mum Natasha Brennan with baby Marnie, who is now recovering in hospital - Credit: Natasha Brennan

“When I got there, I was obviously in such a rush focusing on the 13-week-old baby who wasn’t breathing, I forgot my colleague was sitting in the back of the car and forgot to let her out,” Pc Turner said.  

“Mum was on the doorstep and said: ‘My daughter’s not breathing’ or something along those lines. I just remember running in and seeing dad performing CPR. Mother-in-law was on the floor trying to assist and I believe she was on the phone to the paramedics. 

“Dad was struggling to keep it together, so I immediately got down on the floor and started doing CPR.” 

Pc Billy Turner and Sgt Jamie Vincent from Suffolk Constabulary at Sudbury police station

Pc Billy Turner and Sgt Jamie Vincent at Sudbury police station - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Pc Turner, who arrived at the scene with two other colleagues, said one began speaking with paramedics over the phone while the other, Pc Amelia Mires, took mum Natasha, who was in shock, into the kitchen and away from the scene.  

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Marnie had turned blue and it was after around five-and-a-half minutes of CPR that Pc Turner said he began to see colour returning to her cheeks.  

Paramedics then arrived at the scene and Pc Turner continued CPR until medics had set their equipment up.  

Asked what was going through his mind at the time, Pc Turner said: “Just saving that baby’s life really.  

“To see mum and dad as upset as they were, seeing their little loved one on the floor – that was upsetting as it was. 

“I don’t really know that I’m a hero, I just think that’s our role. I did what was required of me and I think anyone would have done the same.  

“There was a little baby lying on the floor not breathing, and we did what we could to save that baby’s life.” 

Marnie with her dad Sam in ICU

Marnie with her dad Sam in ICU - Credit: Natasha Brennan

Sergeant Jamie Vincent, of Sudbury police, arrived one minute before the paramedics and assisted with family at the scene and played catch with other children at the house.  

He said: “I’m a dad myself and I’ve got a seven-week-old baby at home so it really hit home seeing this little baby on the ground. I was incredibly relieved when I heard Billy say she’s breathing again.   

“This particular incident and Billy’s decisive action is another example of his professionalism and focus to serve the community which he polices.  

“While this incident undoubtedly led to Billy saving the life of a child, it needs to highlighted that this was a team effort and I’m immensely proud to manage such a great collection of individuals.  

“This incident highlights all the excellent work fellow police officers and staff from Suffolk Constabulary perform on a daily basis – be it catching the bad guys or keeping our residents of Suffolk safe.  

“Due to incidents outside of our county, we know trust in policing has been rocked and I hope that Billy’s actions go some way to show that we genuinely care about our communities.  

“We hope that Marnie makes a quick recovery and all of us here at Sudbury police station wish her and her family well.  

“I hope that when Marnie is a little bit older, she can meet Billy and realise that not all heroes wear capes.” 

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