Hi fr xmas ta 4 stuff

It’s better to text or e-mail than not to thank at all but, bearing in mind the magnitude of the spelling and grammatical compromises that tend to be made by frequent texters. a handwritten letter remains my preferred mode of conveying gratitude. It has the personal touch.

Dear (fill in name), thank you so much for the (fill in item). It was just what I wanted. Love from (fill in your name).

Don’t worry about brevity, the cost of a postage stamp speaks a thousand words.

I saw a bloke on the telly suggesting that filming a video or taking a photograph of yourself using the gift and sending it to the giver would be a novel way to express your appreciation.

I’m wondering if he had really thought it through because no one really wants an email attachment that shows a distant relative wearing nothing but Christmas socks.

You may also want to watch:

My husband has gallantly volunteered to take a photograph of me using the Molton Brown shower gel my sister-in-law gave me... although the cubicle is a bit small for two people, a tripod and a wide lens.


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