New map gives a bird's eye view of county's historic secrets

Pub quiz questions 2020: Orford Castle Picture: BARRY PULLEN/IWITNESS

A new map from Historic England uses aerial photography to uncover Suffolk's historic secrets - Credit: Barry Pullen/iWitness

A new online map uncovering Suffolk's archaeological secrets through aerial photographs has been launched.

Historic England has released the virtual map showing decades of archaeological research superimposed over a modern map of England. 

Duncan Wilson, chief executive of Historic England, said: "This new aerial archaeology mapping tool lets people fly virtually over England and drink in its many layers of history.

"It will allow everyone to explore the hidden heritage of their local places and what makes them special.

"We hope it will give people a springboard to further investigation, whether for research purposes or simply to satisfy curiosity about what archaeological features they may have noticed around their local area."

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Composed of research from more than 500,000 aerial photographs, the map shows historic features on the landscape that are difficult to notice from ground level.

It reveals where the defensive wall that once surrounded Orford Castle stood despite it being dismantled in the 16th century, as well as showing the enormous network of defences built on the Suffolk coast during the two world wars. 

The map can be found here.

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