Happy ending as home is found for ‘ugly’ kitten Willow

Willow the "ugly" kitten is set to go to a loving new home. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Willow the "ugly" kitten is set to go to a loving new home. Picture: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: Contributed

Nobody wanted her because she was “ugly” - but now Willow the kitten is set to go to a loving new home.

Calls have flooded in from cat lovers eager to offer a home to the nine-week old black-and-white kitten after her plight was highlighted on our website.

Georgie, who has been caring for the lovable kitten, said: “We have been inundated with enquiries about Willow.”

She said she was very grateful for the response and believed they had now found the right person to become Willow’s new owner, giving the kitten her forever home.

Georgie added: “We have got five other perfect homes, for other kittens that needed homes.”

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Cats Protection asked cat lover Georgie, from the Woodbridge area, to step in and help after they became aware of a family of cats in Suffolk in desperate need.

Willow, her six brothers and sisters and their mother were all starving and ridden with fleas and worms when she rescued them from a house in the county. But a cattery agreed to take them in and they all received the care they needed.

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Three good homes were found for the other kittens, taking two each, and the perfect home was also found for the mother - but, despite a widespread search, nobody wanted little Willow.

There were comments that she had “strange markings” on her face and looked “ugly”. Once her plight was revealed, though, many people on social media described her as “beautiful” and “gorgeous”.

After moving into her new home, Willow will be neutered at five months, vaccinated and microchipped. Georgie said that feline leukaemia and Aids were rife in Suffolk, and it was important for kittens to be neutered and vaccinated at the right time to stop the spread of the diseases.

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