Honda Accord Executive: Luxury of air conditioning

Janice Poulson's Honda Accord Executive

Janice Poulson's Honda Accord Executive - Credit:

iwitness regular Janice Poulson was sad to see her luxurious Honda Accord go after 10 loyal years.

AFTER several bangers, the first serious car Janice Poulson owned was a Honda Accord Executive. She said: “This was my first newest cars I ever owned, it was bought in 1986 and it was one of the first cars to have early air conditioning, electric mirrors and cruise control.

“It was a couple of years old when I bought it, and it lasted for more than 10 years, started first time in all seasons, never let me down, and passed the MOT every time.

“I was so sad when I had to let it go because it had a hole in the petrol tank. My lovely reliable Honda.”

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