Hope new sports facilities could be based at Stowmarket Middle School


- Credit: Archant

A breakthrough may have been found in the hunt for new sports facilities in a town.

Sports teams have joined forces in Stowmarket to form a group with support from the town and district councils to look for land for new facilities. Grants are said to be available for new pitches but the problem the Sports Forum group is finding is where to put them.

It was revealed at Wednesday’s night Stowmarket Town Council meeting that early discussions have taken place about using Stowmarket Middle School’s facilities.

The school will close next summer because of the move from three-tier to two-tier education in the area – and with Stowmarket High School opting not to base any of their students at the site there is potential for an alternative use.

Nick Gowrley, town councillor, said: “I just want to highlight the meeting we had with education people last week, they said they had two sports grounds at the middle schools.

“Chilton Primary is having one (Combs Middle) which leaves the other (Stowmarket Middle).

“What if we got a 99-year lease which could allow us to use it for a 3G playing field and give scope to the Sports Forum to develop that piece of land?”

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David Blackburn, town clerk, said it was an option that could be examined.

“My understanding is if we wish to pursue that course of action we could put in an expression of interest, then we would be considered as part of the process,” he said.

He added that expressing such an interest would “not commit” the town council, leaving options open for other sites.

David Whybrow, town councillor, called for a visit to the middle school to inspect the facilities.

Mayor, Gerard Brewster, added: “I think it’s very important going forward for the town – the need for sport in Stowmarket, which is a growing town; we need to make sure that it happens, it’s an important piece of work.”