Horror of young mum threatened at gunpoint

IPSWICH: A young mother has today told of the terrifying moment a man held a gun in her face as she walked home in Ipswich.

Nyssa Oliver was walking home from a family party with her husband Liam when a car pulled up alongside them in Norwich Road, near to the junction with Rayleigh Road, at around 2.50am on Sunday.

To their horror the driver stepped out of the car and pointed a gun at Mrs Oliver, demanding she hand over her wallet.

The 28-year-old said she feared her baby daughter Amelia would be left without a mum as the man held her at gunpoint.

“It was so surreal, I didn’t have time to think,” she said. “I just told him I am broke, someone else inside the car laughed and they drove off.

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“I never imagined something like this would happen in Ipswich. It was just two or three minutes but it felt so much longer.”

On making it back to their nearby home the couple called the police and it was then that reality dawned on Mrs Oliver and she “went to bits”.

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“I was hysterical, crying and shaking, I couldn’t get my words out,” she added. “I just kept thinking about what could have happened.

“I have a daughter, she is only 19 months old, she would have been left growing up without a mother.”

Watching the horror unfold in front of him, Mr Oliver, 27 said: “If that had happened, if the gun had gone off, all I was thinking is that my wife would just be gone, just like that.”

Although she is trying to come to terms with what happened, Mrs Oliver said the ordeal had left her terrified to go out, scared to be on her own, jumping at the slightest sound.

“I am not very good at the moment,” she said.

“I won’t go out by myself, I am very wary. I can’t sleep and when I do go out with Liam I stay close to him and am so jumpy and nervous.

“It was just such a bad ending to such a lovely day.

“I am a strong person, I deal with things very well but this has knocked me. I can’t stand how it has made me feel, knocking my confidence.

“What they may have seen as a practical joke has had a very serious impact on our lives, what they have done can ruin lives.”

Detectives are today continuing their inquiries into the incident. It is thought the car involved was a large silver Chrysler, possibly a Chrysler 300c.

As well as the driver a second male was seen at the rear passenger door. They drove off in the direction of Asda.

They are also linking the incident with another terrifying moment in the town ten minutes before Mrs Oliver’s ordeal.

At around 2.40am on Sunday two men walking along St Helens Street described hearing five “pop” noises, before one of the men was hit in the ankle with what is believed to be a BB gun pellet.

Shortly before the incident the men saw a vehicle drive past Majors Corner and slow down. It was here that police believe the shots were fired from.

Officers said they are keen to trace a dark coloured saloon car, possibly green, that was seen in the incident in Norwich Road.

It is described as having alloy wheels and blacked out windows and modifications that were not completed to a high standard. They said they are no longer tracing the driver of a dark coloured Honda Civic.

Anyone who may have seen what happened or has information about the incidents should contact Detective Sergeant Darren Bruce at Ipswich CID on 01473 613500 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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