Which are the hottest spots around the area?

Felixstowe has been basking in the heat, pictured here as the sun sets Picture: JANICE POULSON

Felixstowe has been basking in the heat, pictured here as the sun sets Picture: JANICE POULSON - Credit: Janice Poulson

The heat is on in Suffolk and north Essex, and set to continue for the next fortnight. But which spots around the area have been recording the highest temperatures?

Experts at Weatherquest said temperatures in Wattisham reached 25.9C on Sunday while Charsfield recorded temperatures of 25.1C. At Cavendish, near Sudbury, it was even hotter, at 27.6C.

Meanwhile, temperatures on car dashboards and some home thermometers have been soaring higher still, showing just how hot it can get in the full sunshine.

Reporter Adam Howlett found his dashboard recording 28C while his car was parked in Portman Road, Ipswich, around 10am today, before temperatures had even reached their highest point for the day.

Also in Ipswich, Angie Vincent’s dashboard recorded 34C at 4.30pm on Sunday, when she parked in the St John’s Road/Spring Road area before walking to Music in the Park.

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Bonnise Shade from Ipswich said on Facebook, “My kids’ room was 28 last night on the baby monitor and that was with windows open and fan on. It was so hot.”

Windsor Jack said his dashboard showed 32C this afternoon in the Chantry area of Ipswich.

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Clare Thurman recorded a temperature of 24.1C in Walton, Felixstowe, at lunchtime today.

In Martlesham Heath, Dunstan Dowling’s phone recorded 24C at 1.22pm, with the screen saying, “Feels like 24C.” However, he commented, “Feels like 27C.”

Travelling further afield, Rodney Blackwell recorded 33C on his dashboard in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Some readers’ thermometers have recorded even higher temperatures. Lorna Maycock’s patio thermometer in Pinewood, Ipswich, showed an amazing 35C at 6pm yesterday, while Lisa Studd’s thermometer in Claydon showed 40C!

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