Householder tried to stop burglars

By John HowardA MAN has told how he tackled a burglar and his accomplice as they fled - even diving in to their getaway car and struggling with the driver.

By John Howard

A MAN has told how he tackled a burglar and his accomplice as they fled - even diving in to their getaway car and struggling with the driver.

Ken Buchanan was at home having lunch with his partner, Catherine Allen, at their home in Leavenheath when he discovered a burglar on the premises.

“I had just come in for lunch and we noticed the dog, Spike, looking towards the office wagging its tail which it only does when someone is around,” he recalled.

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“I went to have a look and found the back door open, which was odd because it was meant to be shut. I went outside and found someone there holding something.

“I ran after him and he ran with another person to a car. I got in across the passenger side on top of the passenger to try to stop them getting away and tried to grab the keys.”

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Mr Buchanan, a 45-year-old garage owner, added: “We roared up the road about 150 yards and he said something like 'Get out or you are dead' and I decided at that point it was sensible to get out.

“We were fighting in the car as it was going down the road. The car could have been doing no more than 5mph, he couldn't change gear and there was a queue of about 25 cars behind us when we stopped.

“I had been struggling with the driver, trying to get his hands off the wheel and get the keys.”

The incident happened at about 1.35pm on Wednesday and the burglars managed to escape with bank cards, about £100 and a driving licence.

Mr Buchanan, who escaped with only a bruise, said: “It was pure adrenalin, you are in hot pursuit and I acted on impulse.

“I saw they had something of ours and were up to no good. It all happened so quick, I can't remember it all.”

Mr Buchanan and his partner, a 44-year-old craft worker, are now improving security at their Nayland Road home following the burglary.

Detective Constable Gary Scott, of Sudbury police, praised Mr Buchanan's courage in defending his property, but said officers would always advise the public to phone the police instead of tackling burglars.

He also urged residents to try to get as much detail as they can about offenders, including descriptions and any car registration.

The burglars are described as white men aged between 25 and 30. One of the men was about 6ft tall, of slim build and with wavy hair, while his accomplice was about 5ft 10in tall.

Anyone with information should contact Suffolk police on 01284 774300 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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