Plans for 273 homes and business park given green light

Site of Hadleigh homes and business park development

The site of the project is on land south of Tower Mill Lane, and comprises of two parts. - Credit: Google Maps

Plans for the next phase of a project for 273 new homes and a business park, in Hadleigh, have been given the green light by Babergh planning committee.

However, the decision has been met with anger, with one councillor claiming the decision has allowed the developers to "put profit first". 

The application for Weavers Meadow, submitted by Persimmon Homes, comprises two schemes that will sit next to each other on land south of Tower Mill Lane.   

The first part of the application involves a mix of two, three and four bedroom homes, as well as one and two bed flats, with 87 properties earmarked as affordable homes.

The second phase of the application is on the east side of the development, with a 13.5 acre business park as well as space for a pre-school building.

In planning documents put forward by Persimmon Homes it states that the project has the opportunity "to improve the quantum and mix of residential dwellings within Hadleigh, utilising existing facilities and services; a new pre-school site; and provision of new employment land to allow existing business to relocate and new business to set up."

Persimmon Homes also says in the planning statement that the project was compiled with a set of objectives in mind, including: "To build upon and appropriately integrate with the existing infrastructure and facilities within Hadleigh and provide suitable access and transport connections." 

Leigh Jamieson, Green group leader and South East Cosford ward councillor at Babergh District Counci

Green Party councillor, Leigh Jamieson, has said that the project shows that "big developers are allowed to put profit first." - Credit: BABERGH DISTRICT COUNCIL

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The decision to approve the project has caused some concern with the Green Party, which believes the project still has problems, including the amount of renewable energy in properties and the decision to install gas boilers.

Councillor Leigh Jamieson said: "Once again the big developers are allowed to do just enough, despite the council calling a climate emergency.

"Fitting gas boilers is a short-term measure that will leave future residents with the cost of retrofitting new boilers when gas is phased-out as the Government plans.

"Time and time again big developers are allowed to put profit first."

Hadleigh Town Council also opposed the plans, stating "we believe there is an overdevelopment of the area, a strain on infrastructure and not enough green space."