Decision on 49 new homes plan in Framlingham postponed again

location of proposed new homes

The site of the proposed new homes is currently agricultural land, off Victoria Mill Road. - Credit: Google Maps

A decision on plans for 49 new homes in Framlingham, which has received significant resistance, has been delayed for a second time due to concerns over the amount of people expected at the planning committee's meeting.

The project, proposed by Leaper Land Promotion, covers a 2.6 hectare site on agricultural land off Victoria Mill Road.

The company plan to build 49 self-build homes, 16 of which will be affordable homes.

The original meeting took place on November 23, with the council's planning south committee voting by eight votes to one to delay the decision making process, to allow councillors to visit the site.

Now it has been decided to delay the decision further due to concerns over the amount of public interest in the meeting.   

East Suffolk Council's website states: "A decision has been taken to cancel the meeting of the Planning Committee South scheduled for Tuesday 21 December 2021 on the grounds of public health and safety due to the significant public attendance expected."

The project has faced backlash from local residents as well as Framlingham Town Council, who feel the project should not be granted planning permission, for a variety of reasons, including viability of the amount of homes being proposed, access and parking for the site, as well as the risk of flooding. 

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The planning application has received 110 comments to date, 103 of these are objections, with just 5 supporting the project.

Victoria Mill road Framlingham

Access from Victoria Mill road has been one of the sticking points in the project as work will be needed to be done to the road to allow safe access to the site. - Credit: Google Maps

One resident said: "I feel Framlingham has enough newbuilds.

"I have lived in Framlingham 6 years and the amount of new houses has been totally overdone.

"Framlingham is losing its charm. I know houses need to be built but there is no thought for the infrastructure that's needed with all these new houses."

However, Leaper Land Promotions have defended the project, saying that it is "an efficient and appropriate use of the land".

With the decision delayed further East Suffolk Council have stated: "The business on the original meeting agenda will therefore be deferred to the next meeting of the Planning Committee South, scheduled to take place on Tuesday 25 January 2022, to allow for the meeting to be managed in a Covid secure manner."