Plans submitted for more affordable homes in east Suffolk village

House building. Construction on a Hopkins Homes site. Picture: ANDREW HENDRY

Ground conditions made plans for open market homes unviable - Credit: ANDREW HENDRY

Extra affordable homes are to be built in a Suffolk village after an open market development proved unviable.

Orwell Housing Association completed 10 affordable homes on land in Main Road, Parham, and intended its private developer arm Orwell Homes to build five open market properties on land alongside.

However, complications with ground conditions meant the project would be unviable.

Now Orwell Housing Association is asking East Suffolk Council if it can change its plans and instead build nine affordable homes on the spare land.

Land at Parham is to be used for additional affordable homes for the village

Land at Parham is to be used for additional affordable homes for the village - Credit: GOOGLE STREET VIEW

Architects, surveyors and planning consultants Hollins, for Orwell Housing, said: "Works having commenced on site issues were encountered relating to ground conditions requiring soil stabilisation works to be carried out on the site.

"This made the open market housing uneconomic, therefore, Orwell Housing Association are seeking consent to replace the intended five open market homes with nine affordable homes."

The homes will be a combination of shared ownership and affordable rented and will be let/sold to local families.

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