Highways officials to discuss speed limits on busy Suffolk road

Residents campaigning for improvements in Bredfield Road

Residents are campaigning for improvements in Bredfield Road - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Highways officials will be meeting parish councillors on Monday to discuss changes to speed limits on a busy Suffolk road used by schoolchildren after figures revealed many motorists were driving too fast. 

The Suffolk County Council representatives will hold talks with Melton parish councillors about the situation in Bredfield Road, Woodbridge, where there are fears for the safety of pupils at Farlingaye High School, who have to cross every day to get to school. 

Many of the pupils come from the new Bloor homes estate around Lloyd Road in Melton and cross Woods Lane at the junction with Bredfield Road. 

Concerned campaigners have been calling for a new crossing point to be installed to protect the children before a serious accident occurs. 

Data obtained by Melton Parish Council from a speed camera in Bredfield Road, facing Woods Lane, has shown the extent of the problem of drivers apparently ignoring the 30mph speed limit. 

Busy Bredfield Road in Woodbridge

Busy Bredfield Road in Woodbridge - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

On March 10 at 8am, around the time children would have been walking to school, 52 motorists were clocked doing between 40 and 50mph, 22 cars were recorded doing between 50 and 60mph and one motorist was driving at between 60 and 70mph. 

At 9am the same day, there were 77 motorists doing between 40 and 50mph and 34 travelling between 50 and 60mph, while two cars had speeds of between 60 and 70mph. 

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Campaigner Richard Bolt, who lives in Bredfield Road, said: “Bearing in mind it is a residential road, with a maximum limit of 30mph and with school children crossing regularly to/from Farlingaye High and Woodbridge schools, it highlights the nature of the issue on the road. 

“With the speeds recorded, it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.” 

There have been a number of recent incidents involving cars in Bredfield Road, including an alleged hit and run on Saturday May 21 at 2pm involving an older teenage boy who was working in a front garden with his mother.  

A ‘road rage’ incident also occurred involving a driver and a local resident. 

Vehicle activated speed warning signs had been installed to warn motorists of their speed, but Mr Bolt said they were being ignored, while the parish council has urged the county council to seek Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding from East Suffolk Council for further safety improvements. 

The CIL is a charge levied by councils on developers. 

A spokesperson for the county council confirmed the meeting would be taking place on Monday.