How do you stop your glasses steaming up when wearing a face mask?

The covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our lives but the rules on face coverings have left many spectacle wearers facing a daily struggle. So just how do you stop your glasses steaming up when wearing a face mask?

Rules on face coverings were initally introduced by the government in July to help reduce the spread of coronavirus from coughs, sneezes and speaking.

People must wear them on public transport, in shops and supermarkets, and in a number of indoor spaces, with police having the power to issue fines to those who do not follow the rules.

But for those wearing glasses, face masks have caused vision issues with limited airflow meaning lenses get fogged up on a regular basis – creating havoc on the supermarket shop.

So what can be done to combat the problem?

Amanda Skinner, of Wardale Williams Opticians in Sudbury, explains how to avoid your glasses steaming up when wearing a surgical mask – which can be seen in the accompanying video on this story.

She said: “You need to make sure that’s it got the wire at the top [of the mask] and then make sure it’s as tight as possible around your ears.

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“Make sure you don’t have any gaps between the top of the mask and your glasses because your breath escaping through the top of the mask, obviously it’s the moisture that then condensates on the back of your lenses which then causes the fogging.

“Another tip is to use a little bit of tissue rolled up and pop it on the top of the mask. That then helps to stop the moisture from you breath coming up over the top of the mask. This isn’t ideal if you’re taking your mask on and off a lot but if you’re a healthcare worker and you’ve got your mask on all day long, that is a really good tip.”

MORE: Opinion - Not wearing a face mask in shops is an act of supreme selfishnessMs Skinner also stressed the need for people who wear glasses to keep their lenses clean.

She added: “This might sound really obvious but the easiest way to help stop your glasses from steaming up is to actually keep them really clean. That can mean washing them with warm, soapy water every day or using the recommended cloth and spray that the optician recommends for you.”