How much is your Suffolk street name worth? Properties in a warren or chase are more expensive than those in roads and streets

How much does your road name add to your property value?

How much does your road name add to your property value? - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

Homes with the words Warren or Chase in their address tend to be the most expensive, according to analysis of common street names.

Property website Zoopla’s analysis of the most common street names in the UK found that a home in a road with Warren in its title is typically worth £607,267 - more than double the national average of £282,978.

After Warren, the next most expensive addresses contained the word Chase, worth an average £482,867.

The words Mount, Path, Park, End, Green, Way, Hill and Lane rounded off the top 10 names which feature in the priciest properties.

At the other end of the spectrum, the least expensive properties tended to have the word Street in their address, and be worth £184,722 on average.

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Homes with Court or Terrace in their address were also among the least expensive, worth £190,851 and £194,403 typically.

The findings also show that streets containing the word King have a higher than average house price, at £299,572, while the word Queen means an average of £249,295, and Elizabeth spells £291,381.

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